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So you want to Quit Smoking?

You want to be healthier, save money and still satisfy your nicotine crave?

Introducing the latest innovation in vaping

the KILO 1K e-cig

20mg Salt based Nicotine

1.5ml disposable dual-flow pods

The perfect e-cigarette starter kit

So you want to quit smoking and switch to vaping but your not entirely comfortable jumping into the deep end with high powered vape devices; messing about with coils, tanks and e-liquids, then this is the best device for you! Guaranteed to save you money and satisfy your nicotine crave, The Kilo 1K is the healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. This is our favorite and by far the best mouth to lung device available on the market.


Ultra Portability & Ultimate Performance

The Kilo 1K e-cigarette is the most versatile closed pod system device available. Finished in a premium black matte finish it is stylish and ultra sleek.  It has a built in 350mAh rechargeable battery for longer lasting life.   The 1K pod system delivers the perfect balance of ultra-portability and optimal performance. It is activated on inhale via the dual flow pods, so there are no buttons to press, which means it can be safely carried without the worry of accidentally activating the device. 


Prefilled 1.5ml Pods

User friendly, simple to use disposable Pod System, created for complete containment, eliminating leaks and spills. Pods are pre-filled with specially formulated flavours by Kilo e-liquids and 20mg salt based nicotine for a smoother vaping experience. The device is activated on inhale via the dual flow pods and the draw is designed to replicate a traditional cigarette, hence giving the user the best possible alternative experience to smoking. 


An all round better experience

This stylish, sleek and ultra portable device is the latest innovation in vaping technology. The 1K device features an Intricately designed micro USB port built-in which makes charging the 350mAh battery very simple. The LED Power indicator lights up on inhale and also when charging. It also indiactes when the battery is running low. The Kilo 1K is the perfect starter kit to help you quit smoking, with 12 amazing flavours to choose from. Kilo e-liquids is known for excellence and the 1K device is no exception.


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